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Princess Sofia

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I am Princess Sofia, a young and beautiful professional London Mistress offering BDSM and Fetish sessions in W1 London and Enfield, Herts, UK.

Im 20 years old and I am 5ft 2 with size 2 feet. I am very slim with large natural breasts and long dark hair with big green cat eyes. I am young, I'm beautiful and I'm smart. I am arrogant narcissistic and very aloof.

I am better than you. You are nothing. Never forget that.

I apologise to no one and I'm never wrong. I've been living on my own for a few years now, and the errands, chores and pampering that my parents and boyfriends have done for me in the past has now been taken over by my legion of dedicated slaves and followers. I only lift a finger to point at what needs cleaning next with your pathetic lowly tongue, or what gorgeous pair of shoes I want you to crawl to me with in your mouth in the middle of a crowded shoe store, and yes, you will pay for them with cash you will fish out from the panties I made you wear in front of the cashier!!

I believe that pretty young girls with the power and looks to dominate a fully grown man shouldn't have to work hard, do chores or be nice to anybody.

My style of domming reflects my personality. I wont take a session seriously. I don't take anything to do with submissive sluts seriously.

I will mock and taunt and tease you with my big breasts and gorgeous ass.

I will make you perform whatever meanial task or hand out whatever callous and cruel punishment takes my fancy at that very moment.

I will do it with a wicked shriek, a giggle and a smug grin on my face.

I don't break character in session because this isn't an act. I am the same to you as I am any man, be it my old school teachers, the waiter in the restaurant where my girlfriends and I do lunch, or any other poor unfortunate sucker I instantly have wrapped around my finger on sight of me.

My greatest kick is power and control. I will do whatever's necessary to gain this power and control.

You will realise in the long run it is what you truly wanted anyway, and is whats best for you.

Worship me, love me, adore me. But mostly, fear me.

Come and play if you think you're brave enough!!!

Princess Sofia

W1 London and Enfield, Herts

Website : rincess-sofia-domme.co.uk

Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone : 07771439167

Area : Central London


  • Anal Play
  • Bastinado
  • Blindfolds
  • Bondage
  • Boot Fetish
  • Caning
  • CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)
  • CP (Corporal Punishment)
  • Domestic Discipline
  • Face Sitting (Clothed)
  • Face Slapping
  • Financial Servitude
  • Gags
  • Humiliation
  • Latex
  • Leather
  • Maid training
  • Nipple Torture
  • Pony/Puppy Play
  • Role Play
  • Shopping (Personal Shopper)
  • Sissy Training
  • Slave Training
  • Spanking
  • Tickling
  • Tie and Tease
  • Trampling
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Whipping


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